USB backup

USB Backup

USB backup is a highly cost-effective option for providing additional storage to a server, either temporarily or on a permanent basis, and is an easy to set up as well. Drives range from 500GB to over 1TB, providing a significant around of storage space. This is recommended for home users and personal servers, where budget is a main factor over the speed, flexibility, and resilience of the backup programme and storage.

On-site Backup

On-site hosted backup is available, offering secure and fast backup for individual files or images. Offering multiple terabytes of storage on an additional server connected via a secure private vLAN, this option provides redundancy against any component failures in the primary machine and backups can be configured for any time. This is best suited for users experienced in configuring backup scripts across a network.

on-site backup
Off-site backup

Off-site Backup

Off-site NAS storage represents the opportunity for a full disaster recovery and business continuity programme for individuals and corporates alike, designed with data standards compliance in mind. With over 30 miles between sites, data is securely transmitted across a dark fibre inter-data centre link. All connectivity is included within the pricing structure. The NAS is presented as a network drive, offering a simplistic yet comprehensive backup option.

Enterprise managed-backup

Enterprise managed-backup allows for both on-demand and scheduled backup without the need for your own personal scripts. Representing a complete, worry-free solution, Easyspace staff will create, customise and monitor backup plans. Bare-metal recovery options are available for a full, enterprise level backup solution.

Managed backup
Option Capacity Performance Back's-up Bare Metal Backup/Restore
USB Up to 1TB Low Files and Folders* * *
On-Site Up to 16TB Medium Files and Folders* * *
Off Site Up to 5TB High Files and Folders* * *
Managed Unlimited Extreme Files and system images **

* configured by customer
** Windows only

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